Saturday, June 15, 2019

What is the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon?

I personally love the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, in that I think the card's portrayal was really really cool in the movie Yugioh, Pyramid of light. I also enjoyed the way that the card can destroy any card on your opponents side of the field, and also negate all magic, trap or monster effect cards that are Image result for blue eyes shining dragonused against it with its Shining Diffusion. I personally love blue eyes white dragons of all kinds, and was definitely the first of my friends to grab the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon trading card once it first came out. I like the near immortality of the card, I like the card image and the card design, the whole 9 yards. 

What is the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon?

In the following blog post, we'll look at exactly what is the blue eyes shining dragon, and of how you can absolutely 100% of the time use it to defeat your opponents! The blue eyes shining dragon is only summoned by playing the Blue eyes ultimate dragon, which is summoned by combining 3 blue eyes white dragons and a polymerization, and which is then sacrificed to play the mighty blue eyes shining dragon. 

Why The Blue Eyes Shining Dragon is My Favorite Yugioh Card

Why The Blue Eyes Shining Dragon Actually Is Not That Good!

In my own personal experience with using this extremely powerful dragon card when playing Yugioh matches, it is actually unproductive within the game for how cool of a card I find it. First off, it is extremely difficult, and I mean EXTREMELY difficult, to summon the card. The Blue Eyes Shining Dragon literally requires you to either A. Build your entire deck around the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and around draw power and the whole 9 yards there, in order to summon the card, and it also is not entirely unbeatable once it is on the field. There are plenty of Big Hero decks that have quashed my card when playing Yugioh Duel Links online, in that they can summon monsters that have as much as 6000 attack points! A simple Five God Dragon, or Five Headed Dragon as it is frequently called, or a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon without any power ups, or even just with a few simple power ups such as invigoriation or simple dragon power ups, can easily beat the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon on nothing but pure attack points alone. Great card, love him to death, but overall not that effective if you’re trying to be a Duel Monsters Champion. 

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